Railway platforms by T- Rail Robles

T-Rail Robles is a system designed by Talleres Robles that creates loading platforms that operate on rails.
Our system allows platforms to be moved by all types of railway machinery.
> Built with a reinforced chassis and fully configurable both in terms of access and in the installation of accessories and lighting.

Safety is essential, installing a double-acting braking system composed of four actuators and a load control valve that controls the braking power at all times depending on the load transported.

Adaptation of machinery to work on rails

  • Adaptation of machinery to convert it into diploris or railway equipment.
  • Diploris for all types of track width.
  • Comprehensive maintenance service for machinery adapted to work on rails.
  • Legalization and approval as a multipurpose vehicle.
  • CE marking.
T-Rail Robles, Railway Vehicles