TALLERES ROBLES, after many years of experience in vehicle adaptation, equipment manufacturing and maintenance of auxiliary track machinery, has created its own brand T-RAIL ROBLES applying the Quality Guarantee that we maintain in all our processes.

Our Engineering Department customizes and configures your machinery to convert it into a railway vehicle according to your needs, adapted to all types of track width, and taking care of regulatory compliance and vehicle homologation processes such as Railway Vehicle.

We convert your vehicle into railway vehicle with our own system, T-Rail Robles, which allows you to quickly and efficiently work on the railway track and then be able to circulate normally. The system is suitable for trucks, backhoes, dumpers, all types of platforms, etc.

T-Rail Robles, Railway Vehicles
Changing truck into Rail Trucks
Changing pickup into Railway vehicle
Backhoe will become a railway vehicle
Railway platforms
Changing dumper into Railway dumpe
Elevating platform converted into a Railway Vehicle

T- Rail

Adaptation of all types of Railway Vehicles

From our industrial plant in Mansilla de las Mulas (León) we convert any industrial vehicle into a railwasy vehicle
Our own solution T - RAIL ROBLES is the result of many years of experience in the transformation of all types of industrial vehicles

Higher Precision

Better productivity

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